Archive Documents

Archive Icon With more than two decades of presence on the Internet, I went through many site changes. Earlier versions of this web site posted information items that still hold interest with me and other friends and associates. You will find links to these items below in this document.

Mars Pathfinder

Like The Pathfinder from the tales of James Fenimore Cooper, our mordern day adventurer will point the way for explorers to follow. On the Mars Pathfinder Mission our robotic trail blazer has to contend with hazzards of the natural environment in deep space and Martian weather. Unlike the forest of the 18th centry American Colonial wilderness, the weather in the Mars wilderness is more sever than being on a mountain peak in the middle of a January blizzard.

Journey To Saturn

After controversy due to the plutonium batteries aboard to power the spacecraft while in the far reaches of the outer solar system, Cassini and the Huygens Titan probe are on their long journey to the Ringed World System.

My Big Sisters

There are five women that have always been a gang to be reckoned with. Since I was a little tyke, they have played a significant role in my life. Thank GOD how little things change across the years!

New Jersey Shore 1997

During the mid-1990's they began a tradition.

A Decade Later

Time marches on and the calendar has more grandchildren birthdays added and the calendar still has the consistent "Summer at the Shore" note.

U.S.S. Coral Sea ... CVA-43

Want to see were I used to live? Before I returned to settle here in the Keystone State, I lived in California, Massachusetts, Maryland, and my first ocean view home away from home the U.S.S. Coral Sea.

1979 Ford Bronco

During the last decade of the last century when my recreational activities were centered on outdoor sports I put this Ford Bronco 4X4 "SUV for all seasons" to the test. It Passed!

Home Computer

There was a time when you needed very deep pockets, a technical staff and significant room(s) within a building to install and operate a computer, unless you were willing to buy the parts and built one yourself. While working for electronics companies during the 1970s, my room mate and I built computers at work for a living. When Processor Technology marketed the SOL-20 personal computer kit at an affordable price, we bought one and built it on our kitchen table.