SistersWhile I was growing up, each of these five beauties was my baby sitter.

Margaret and Lucy used to force me to be their practice dance partner while watching Dick Clark's American Bandstand from Philadelphia on a vintage black and white television in the 50's.

Dolores let me visit her in Newark, New Jersey each summer for a vacation. "Hot town, summer in the city. Back o' my neck gettin' sweaty n' gritty." What did I know! I was too small to know that most people regarded going to Newark as exile, not vacation!.

Roseanne used to constantly send me on errands to get pizza, soda, ice cream, etc., while she was baby sitting with her high school sweetheart, John. I used to wonder why her and her soul mate, John were so good to me. When I got older, I figured out what they were doing while I was gone.

Mary, the eldest sister living in our home town, logged the most time. If you have any complaints about the adult I grew up to become, take it up with Mary.

It was quite an experience having 5 big sisters as a youngster! It still is!

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