Sol-20 Computer
The Processor Technology Sol-20 holds its place in history along side
the Apple I, IMSAI 8080, and MITS Altair 8800 computers.

Processor Technology Corporation Bob Marsh founded Processor Technology Corporation (a microcomputer company) in April 1975. Bob Marsh, Lee Felsenstein and Gordon French started designing the Sol-20 Terminal Computer in June 1975.The SOL-20 utilized the Intel 8080 8-bit microprocessor chip, running at 2 MHz. The SOL-20 consisted of a main motherboard (PCB) mounted at the bottom of the case, and a five slot S-100 bus card cage. The main PCB consisted of the CPU, memory, video display, I/O circuits. Inside the case included power supply, fan, and keyboard. The sides of case are solid oiled walnut wood, and blue painted steel. Just add an external composite monitor screen and you have a complete computer—a personal computer? Processor Technology manufactured approximately 10,000 of their Sol-20 personal computers between 1977 and 1979. All Processor Technology products where available both assembled and tested, or as electronic kits.

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